Welcome to the web pages run by Ivan Volman, the castle manager since 1977 and the castle’s lessee since 1998.

Besides some useful information, interesting facts and news, you might also learn here about a surprising fact that this site is actually no longer a castle. The term „ROCK CASTLE SLOUP“ is only a catch phrase. In the present day it is rather a name used by tourists, and a well-known term among the people of the surrounding area. For that reason, it is convenient to stick to it for a good orientation in the press, on the internet or on the signs.

Basic Description
The castle is a protected site, registered under the evidence number 5-3264. It is made of significantly eroded compact sandstone rock with vertical or even overhanging rock faces and an extensive platform on the top, which stands 35 metres out of its surroundings. The rock is 100 m long and 60 m wide. In the course of time, people have adapted the rock’s shape in their favour and successively added new additions. A big amount of the rock’s space has been carved and additionally created inside of the rock as well as on its top, for both secular and sacred purposes. All these rock objects are thoroughly connected with each other.

There are no works of art inside of the castle. Although being empty, the site is very impressive. Without any exaggeration, the castle can boast a very unique genius loci.