Zdenek Lev Libštejnský of Kolovraty

The Sloup estate as a confiscated property was sold in 1623 for a reduced price to Zdenek Lev Libštejnský of Kolovraty. He was of noble origin and was honoured by the Habsburgs with the title of count. He was the head of one of counter-reformation committees. He was at the peak of his carreer in the 1730s when the Emperor appointed him the governor of the Litomerice and Mladá Boleslav regions. In 1638 he was awarded the honorary King’s Groom-In-Waiting.

He was married twice. His first wife, Alena Eliška Berková, was ambushed and killed in 1632 by raiders. His second wife was Katerina of Vrtba. His new lady formed an attachment to Sloup and enjoyed very much her time in the Berka’s château which was expensively recontructed in 1630 but was undoubtedly not spared of the marching through of the Swedish army from 1639. It was just at that time that Zdenek Lev Libštejnský, tired of endless wars, made his will. He bequeathed most of his property to his only son of the first marriage, Václav František, a member of the Society of Jesus. His wife was provided for with 20 000 three-scores Groschen, the village of Polevsko and the Berka’s château underneath the Sloup castle.

After his father’s death in 1640, Václav František used the aquired property for supporting the church. The profit from the Sloup estate was invested into the construction of St. Nicholas Church in Prague in Lesser Town (Malá Strana), building th Jesuit dorms in Hlohov and Breznice or for supporting the Strahov Premonstratensian Monastery in Prague. He was keen on catholic Counter-Reformation effort but cared too little about maintenance of his own property which was seriously in debt.

In 1643, proconsuls decided to assess and sell the whole property of the Libštejnský family. The selling of all indebted possessions was, however, processing very slowly and only in 1652 the Sloup estate was about to be sold. It was decided that the next owner would be the widow of Zdenek Lev, Katerina, who was married for the second time to Petr Kokorovec.