Solhauz of Solhauz (Salhausen) and on Markvartice

Anna, the widow of Adam Berka of Dubá, married Jan Abraham of Solhauz after two years (in 1609). Adam Berka left no male descendant and bequeathed the property to his daughther Anna Marie. In 1616, her mother bought her inheritance from her and then in the same year bequeathed it to her second husband. However, a year after, her husband passed away and Anna passed away only three months later. The Sloup estate was inherited by Volf of Solhauz, the brother of the deceased.

After the outbreak of the Bohemian Estate’ uprising against the Habsburgs in 1618, Volf of Solhauz actively joined the estates. After the Battle of White Mountain was lost, Volf unlike most of the participants of the estate uprising did not flee the country but went to the Lipý Castle, where he was preparing for defence. He remained there until August 1621 when his wife, Kristina von Bünau, died. It was only after her death that he left for Dresden to live under the auspices of the Elector of Saxony John George I. Although the Elector of Saxony interceded on behalf of him and asked for his pardon, Volf was still condemned to lose all his property. He died in 1642 in Dresden.