Ferdinand Hroznata, Baron Kokorovec of Kokorov

Unfortunately, we know very little about the person of the new Sloup holder Ferdinand Hroznata of Kokorov who was already in 1680 honoured with the title of count. It is due to the fact that the archive and records of the whole Kokorovec family completely burned down at the end of the 19th century when the family died out. We would like to learn more about him the more that it was Ferdinand Hroznata who influenced the present rock’s appearance the most. His main residence remained for sure in ¬lutice as it was the centre of the family’s properties until its end.

Ferdinand Hroznata had with his wife Marie Adelheida, born Baroness of Pientzenau, altogether 19 children, 15 of which were sons and 4 daughters. The fact that all sons’ either first, second or third name was Francis prove the high regard for Saint Francis of Assisi in the family, possibly inherited from his mother. Ferdinand Hroznata died on November 30, 1708 aged 58 in ¬lutice.